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webODV provides online Ocean Data View (ODV, https://odv.awi.de) services like the extraction, analysis, exploration and visualization of oceanographic and other environmental data. webODV is developed by Dr. Sebastian Mieruch-Schnülle and Prof. Dr. Reiner Schlitzer at the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) in Bremerhaven, Germany.

GEOTRACES is an international program, where scientists from approximately 35 countries are involved. The goal is to gain a better understanding of biogeochemical cycles and large-scale distribution of trace elements and their isotopes in the oceans at an unprecedented scale. The basis of GEOTRACES are ship cruises distributed over the global ocean measuring trace elements and isotopes in the full water column. These data are compiled together and provided here via webODV to the oceanography community for science application.


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Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash